The Black Lagoon Review Is Now Available

Black Lagoon CoverThe Black Lagoon review is now available in the Anime Reviews section and here.

I always enjoy watching Black Lagoon because it is a very rewarding series. It wasn’t made in a hurry, nor was it made to make quick money from related goods. It was made to be a blast – something accessible that everyone can enjoy and appreciate.

Usually I do a little trivia section here. This time around I decided to do a “mildly related trivia”. That is, a trivia related to Black Lagoon but not entirely what you’d expect to find here. And it goes as follows:

  • It’s impossible to find a good looking image of Black Lagoon on the net. They all look terrible or super-plain.
  • Roanapur – the fictional city in which most of the show takes place – is depicted in such a believable manner that there are records of people on the net asking where it really is located.
  • Someone made a Grand Theft Auto themed Black Lagoon wallpaper!
  • Black Lagoon is one of the only series from the 90s era that had an English language advisor. And that language advisor happened to be Dan Kanemitsu (aka Danny Choo).
  • A real, functioning replica of Revi’s Sword Cutlass can be bought in the U.S. It is a Black Lagoon themed M9 gun and buying one is the ultimate fan-tribute one can make to Black Lagoon (after buying the actual show of course).


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