Maoyuu Maou Yuusha Is Lukewarm But Has One Giant Asset

Maoyuu First Impression

Maoyuu Maou Yuusha, the new series about a human hero and the demon king who work together to achieve world peace is lukewarm and lacking but does have one giant asset – the relationship between the two main characters. The hero and the demon king seemingly make the decision to “belong to each other” based on practical reasons in the hope of bringing the war between the humans and the demons to a halt. But below the surface they harbor much warmer feelings for each other, and you don’t have to work hard in order to notice them. The demon king is very proactive and vocal about her physical needs but unlike your ecchi harem show doesn’t aggressively “attack” the hero. The hero himself is a natural ladies man but is also very shy when it comes to skinship. He is attracted to the demon king but is afraid to take the lead.

At this point I would love to add a sentence in the vein of “as you might have guessed mayhem ensues!” but this really isn’t the case there. Neither side in this relationship is aggressive and so we end up with weird conversations and even weirder deeds. Before the hero goes away on a long journey the demon king demands a kiss. The result is an awkward kiss on the cheek, for which the hero is soon after reprimanded for. The demon king’s volupcious body also becomes somewhat of a side joke. Although most men would think it highly attractive the demon king herself thinks she is fat and plump. At one point when the two are left alone the demon king tells the hero she can give him a “reward” if he wants. Soon after though she glances down at her big chest and notes that “it might be more of a punishing game than a reward though”.

The lukewarm sides of Maoyuu

Of course I wouldn’t have given this article such a negative title if the entire series was as polished as the relationship between the two main characters is. Maoyuu Maou Yuusha doesn’t lack one bit in the visual department; But that’s really the only compliment I can give it as of now. The series tries to push a mix of agriculture, economics and war. However, all the different parts intertwine in an uneven way that leaves us wanting. The idea of creating a new kingdom based on agricultural prowess is novel, but instead of accomplishing this in a sophisticated manner it ultimately falls down to using the demon king’s magic in a cheap way (she “invents” the potato and the corn). When any economic reference were made in the latter episodes I found they left a sour taste in my mouth.

The second aspect of the series – the war between the humans and the demons – isn’t better off. Out of the 5 episodes I watched only one had a battle, and it wasn’t anything worth mentioning. It is, however, a bit too soon for me to touch this front. The (totally annoying) opening theme clearly shows the series will be marching headstrong into the battlefields soon. It might just be what Maoyuu Maou Yuusha needs in order to relief us from its day-to-day boredom of a plot. It remains to be seen if the war will indeed be the saving grace of this series and if it will eventually manage to balance all its parts in a satisfying manner.


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