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On May 5th the annual Treasure Festa event was held at the Tokyo Big Sight convention center in Odaiba. Treasure Festa is a convention that revolves around Garage Kits – resin figures made by fans (not official and not mass produced) that are usually sold in parts and without paint. Those that are good at assembling and painting such figures are known to bring amazing figures to life. Others (myself included) have learned to adore these unique (and rare!) figures from afar. This year we have a treat for your Garage Kit lovers out there in the form of a huge figure gallery (in two parts!).
The following images are courtesy of E2046 is an online figure store that allows people from all around the world to purchase figures and garage kits without the need to fly all the way to Japan. What’s more they have a special service called Gathering in which they assemble and paint some of the Garage Kits in house for your convenience! They are currently selling some of the Garage Kits from Treasure Festa 2013, so be sure to check their website out.

And now we turn to the real stars of this show – the figures!


garage kit1

garage kit2

garage kit3

garage kit4

garage kit5

garage kit6

garage kit7

garage kit8
garage kit10

garage kit9

Itching to see some fimiliar faces? No fear, Hatsune Miku is here:

Hatsune Miku1

Hatsune Miku2

Hatsune Miku4

Hatsune Miku5

Hatsune Miku3

Next up we have something interesting. It’s a line of figures based on the PS3/PS Vita game Dragon’s Crown. Dragon’s Crown is already available in Japan and will come out later this year in the U.S. and Europe. The game has some daring character designs that don’t skimp on the flesh or the muscles. The guys at Mad Hands are the ones responsible for these 1/6 scale figures. Take a look at the Sorceress that was sold in Treasure Festa 2013 and the Amazon that is scheduled for release later this year.

Dragons Crown Sorceress1

Dragons Crown Sorceress 2

Dragons Crown Amazon1

Dragons Crown Amazon2

I hope you’re not tired yet becuase up next we have a peculiar itasha mecha with the words “Swimsuit Soul” written on it!

itasha mecha1

itasha mecha2

itasha mecha3




garage kit14

garage kit11

garage kit12

garage kit13

garage kit15

garage kit16

garage kit17

garage kit18

Want more? Be sure to check out our Treasure Festa 2013 sexy figures gallery.

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