GSC Has A Lovely Nendoroid And A Questionable Nendoroid Petite In The Works

Good Smile Company has revealed the prototypes of several new products on their way to the production line. Here are two prototypes which are each interesting, but for very different reasons.



Nendoroid Sakura Miku

Wow, just wow. Every time I think GSC has reached its artistic limits with their cute Nendoroid series the company manages the outdo itself yet again and prove me wrong. Just look at those sakura petals, the partly translucent hair and the amount of details on the hem of her skirt!

It looks lovely, doesn’t it? But don’t rush to preorder it yet. GSC has yet to announce a release date for Nendoroid Sakura Miku. It’s still in the works. Of course, Hatsune Miku has always been GSC’s biggest seller so the reasons behind this upcoming figure are crystal clear. The company’s next product, on the other hand, is a bit on the questionable side…


Nendoroid Petite – Fate/hollow Ataraxia

It’s no big secret that Fate/Zero is very popular right now. So it makes sense to make figures of characters from that series right? Wrong. Someone must have submitted the wrong forms back at the GSC’s headquarters because this 12 Nendoroid Petite set has characters from Fate/hollow Ataraxia. Yes Fate/hollow Ataraxia, that fan disc that nobody outside of Japan has ever played and is actually just a fan service mini game. Releasing this set at this time is a bit of a miss on GSC’s part. It probably won’t sell half of what a Fate/Zero equivalent would have, and Fate/Stay Nendoroid Petites are probably the most common petites on the market as it is so nobody will collect this set just for saber…
In any case the Nendoroid Petite – Fate/hollow Ataraxia set will come out in late July with preorders already available.

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