5 Things That Would Make Ufotable’s Fate/Stay Night Remake Epic

Fate/Stay Night Remake

Fate/Stay Night is old. It’s been 10 years since the original Visual Novel hit stores in Japan. That game has already been adapted into an anime, twice, and was followed by a slew of spinoffs, both in video game, book and anime form. Ufotable’s Fate/Zero anime is arguably the most remarkable of these spinoffs, because it both followed the original lore and also went on to become a high quality hit anime in its own right. Now Ufotable is toiling on its own adaptation of the original Fate/Stay Night story and the fans are anticipating the same insane production values and polish found in Fate/Zero. But simply throwing massive amounts of funds into this project won’t be enough to gurantee another bona fide hit. To make a difference Ufotable must also innovate and breathe new life into this long-established, yet stale, franchise. Here are 5 things that would make Ufotable’s Fate/Stay Night remake epic:

1 Connect Fate/Stay to the other story routes.

As fans of the series know the Fate/Stay Night game was divided into three routes: Fate/Stay, Fate/Unlimited Blade Works, and Fate/Heavens Feel. All three routes began from the same base plot point, and all of them had Emiya Shiro starring as the lead role, but Emiya’s allies and the outcome of the Holy Grail War changed dramatically in each route. The original anime and its 2000 reboot followed the Fate/Stay route to a T. Above all Ufotable should be very careful in how it directs its remake, because simply making an HD remake to this old show would spell disaster. In fact Ufotable would be wise to incorporate at least two routes into their version of the story to spice things up a little. Some information or imagery that will tease the upcoming Fate/Heaven’s Feel movie will also be much appreciated. Since Nasu (the author of the original visual novel) is lending his helping hand to the studio this feat is mighty feasible, if not necessary by this point in the franchise’s life span.

2 Keep Fate/Zero in mind and maintain its continuity in Fate/Stay Night.

People think very highly of Fate/Zero, and for good reasons. It encapsulated the heart and soul of the franchise and also injected some new blood by going back a generation before the visual novel and showing off some flashy new Masters and Servants. For some it was the first introduction to the Fate/Stay universe. It was also a phenomenal commercial success in Japan. Keeping the new series in line with its prequel, both visually and canonically, will give the new Fate/Stay Night an air of prestige former Fate/Stay iterations lacked and identify it with its already successful anime brethren.

3 Show the story from multiple points of view.

One of Fate/Zero’s defining traits was its remarkable skill at showing the plot evolve from the individual point of view of each of its various characters. The original Fate/Stay Night visual novel couldn’t allow for such a mechanism to exist due to gameplay constraints, and the old anime series followed the visual novel’s storytelling to a T. Ufotable could make the new iteration much more grand and epic in scale if they could intertwine each respective Master’s aspirations and back-story together in a believable coherent manner.

4 Don’t shy away from violence and nudity.

The old anime largely refrained from showing the bloody, gory side of the Holy Grail War. In Fate/Zero Ufotable established a darker tone, one that can fit this new vision of the Holy Grail war quite nicely. It’s time to pull all the stops and give the fans an unfiltered version of the visual novel. And while we’re on this subject, I personally wish Ufotable will refrain from excessively censoring this show. If the producer doesn’t want to add explicit sex scenes to the series that’s fine. However, adding such scenes and then proceeding to replace the sexual deed itself with silly images of lava dragons and crystal dolphins is tasteless and inconsistent.

5 Carve a different ending.

I’ve left my most daring, controversial, suggestion for last. What if Nasu and Ufotable really broke the mold and tailored a new ending for Fate/Stay Night that would both appease fans and also open the door for Nasu to continue the Fate franchise in more aspiring and creative ways? It’s no secret that Fate/Stay Night’s previous endings have made it hard for Nasu to expand the franchise forward and iterate on future generations of Masters and Servants. Now this collaboration brings with it a golden opportunity to clear Nasu’s way and make room for new content in this beloved franchise.


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