Six Series That Needs To Be Released In The U.S. On Blu-ray


2011 marks the year when U.S. anime distributors finally began to distribute anime on Blu-ray as a norm (and not a special limited edition). Thankfully we do have a wider selection of anime titles on Blu-ray today, and fans are actively demanding them. We at Anime Reviews love Blu-rays. Why wouldn’t we? There are better, sharper and bluer than DVD ever was. But there are anime series that, despite being released in Japan on Blu-ray never quite made it to the U.S. on that format. Here are six series that needs to be released in the U.S. on Blu-ray. Continue reading »

NISA “Does It Again”

NISA has been having a bad week. TRSI has just revealed that all the copies of NISA’s latest House of Five Leaves Premium Edition Box Set supports only mono sound. NISA has been quick to offer replacement discs free of charge to all the early adapters and have halted the release of all other copies until April the cope with the issue.

While NISA’s fast (and honset) response is appreciated, this is hardly the first time NISA has been shipping defective products en masse. On July 2010 NISA released defective copies of the premium editions of Toradora! and Persona – trinity soul. These first edition copies suffered from interlacing and aliasing artifacts, as well as ghosting issues. While the interlacing and aliasing artifacts were quickly resolved with a replacement program similar to that which NISA now offers for House of Five Leaves, the ghosting problem persisted in later edition. Perhaps the most troubling aspect in this story is that most of these problems are easy to spot during routine quality checks, checks that NISA apparently does no take too seriously. These defective DVDs and the companies’ insistence on not releasing Blu-ray discs definitely puts NISA in a bad light. But with a big titles such as Toradora! and other fan favorites like Working! and House of Five Leaves in NISA’s arsenal it’s easy to see why fans are willing to forgive the company’s many mistakes.

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