Cowboy Bebop: The Movie Blu-ray Review

The latest review is up. This time its the Cowboy Bebop movie. Read the review here or through the review page.

I really liked how Sony treated this title (note: the version I reviewed is a rerelease by Image Entertainment but the source was still authored by Sony). Although it is not really a 1080p release Sony applied some fine retouches to the Blu-ray version to make it more visually attractive. I hope someday a brave company will venture into Sunrises archives, dig up the old series and give it the same (or even better) treatment. It’s not a far-fetched dream either. Technically speaking, If FUNimation Entertainment can make an HD version of the original (super old) Dragon Ball Z series from scratch I’m sure Sony is also up to the challenge. And Because so much time has passed since Cowboy Bebop came out on DVD a new Blu-ray version has some serious marketing potential. Good series tend to resurface like that from time to time.

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