Remembering Love

Remembering Love: Aria And The Importance Of Relaxation

Aria Akari

Modern times have the tendency to crush us under the burden of work and expectations. I myself am only two months away from moving to another country and opening my first business. Every day is a nerve wrecking race to have everything ready in time, a race that I can never win. Because of this I decided that my first entry in the “Remembering Love” series suggested by Trzr23 should be on Aria – a series that is an antithesis to my lifestyle. In a nutshell “Remembering Love” is all about returning to your three or four favorite series, rewatching them (or parts of them) and writing about their emotional effect on you and how they shaped you personality. Rather than being reviews of the anime series themselves these are reviews of what those series meant to you as a viewer long ago (or not so long ago). Continue reading »

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