Petite Princess Yucie

The Petite Princess Yucie DVD Review Is Now Available

Petite Princess YucieThe Petite Princess Yucie DVD review is now in the anime reviews section and here.

Petite Princess Yucie is arguably one of the less known series produced by studio Gainax. Gainax has a habit of building on earlier creations and heavily referencing them in later shows (Neon Genesis Evangelion referenced in Abenobashi, FLCL referenced in Panty and Stockings etc.). However Petite Princess Yucie is one title that seems to be out of this “creative loop”. It is a subtle and lighthearted series, which sometimes lead me to believe Gainax created it at a time when the staff was already tired from big or serious titles and wanted to unwind a bit with a simple tale that would bring a smile to their faces.


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