Kokoro Connect

Kokoro Connect’s Last Story Arc Deals With Personas And Masks

Kokoro Connect Nagase Iori

In the unaired (Blu-ray only) last story arc of Kokoro Connect Taichi and the rest of the literature club are given a devastating blow. This time around they are affected by a phenomenon called “emotional transmission” that randomly transmits their thoughts telepathically to  the other without their consent. Initially the members of the literature club believe this to be an easy task to overcome. That is until they hear Nagase’s inner voice and discover that her cheerful and playful personality was just a pretense – a false persona she adopted in order to appear more likable in the eyes of others. Continue reading »

2012 Summer Anime Season Retrospective

Sword Art Online Season Summary

The 2012 summer anime season has ended and let’s face it – it wasn’t very good. But fear not, for I have found those shiny gold needles in the summer anime season haystack for you! There were one or two of those. I think… Continue reading »

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