Atelier Arland Trilogy Figure Digest

 Rorona Figure

Just a year ago there was only one measly Atelier figure on the market. But this year, and in the months to come, fans of the Atelier Arland Trilogy games are in for a treat. And to make sure you won’t be missing anything I’ve made an Atelier Arland Trilogy Figure Digest for you! Here’s what fans of the series can add to their figure collection right now or in the near future. I’ll also be adding references to places in which you can buy them all (listed in order from cheapest to most expensive).


Atelier Totori Nendoroid

Atelier Totori Nendoroid

Believe it or not but the Atelier Totori Nendoroid (and her homonculi friend) was the first official figure ever for the Arland Trilogy. Before that fans had to do with cheap fake figures or expensive fan-made resin model kits. This nendoroid comes from Good Smile Company and was released back in February 2011. For unknown reasons GSC never made a Rorona or Meruru nendoroid.

Where to buy: Amazon Japan, eBay.


Atelier Totori: The Adventurer of Arland

Atelier Totori

A cute figure of a bunny! Oh, and you also get a nice smiling Totori as an added bonus. This figure is in 1/8 scale, comes from Phat Company and is slated for release in May.

Where to Buy: Amazon Japan, Play Asia.


Limited Edition Atelier Rorona/Totori/Meruru (PS3 Game)

Atelier Limited Edition Game

Theoretically this title is not a doll, it’s a collectors’ edition of Atelier Rorona/Totori/Meruru. You don’t get all three game in one box, you only get the one you choose. What you do get in the box, regardless of which game you choose, are three chibi figures of the Atelier girls. As of now it is unknow who is the figure maker behind these chibi dolls. But since the box has the initials KT on it it’s safe to assume these are not from GSC or Phat. These limited editions of the games also come with three PS3 wallpapers. They will be available for Japanese costumers only and sold exclusively at Amazon Japan by early June.

Where to buy: Amazon Japan (if you live in Japan), eBay (it will probably show up there after it’s released).


High Priestess Atelier Rorona

Rorona Figure

This 1/8 Scale figure of Atelier Rorona really captures the small details of her unique clothes and staff. It will be released in late June by MagaHouse.

Where to buy: AmiAmi, Amazon Japan, Play Asia, J-List.


Atelier Meruru: The Apprentice of Arland – Rorona

Chibi Rorona

Forget about the long and misleading name. All you need to know is that this is another Rorona figure, this time showing her as she appeared in the Atelier Meruru game. This chibi Rorona is cute, but I wish she wasn’t constricted to that star-pendent thing…The figure in none-scale and Rorona herself is only 150mm tall, with the pendent adding another 50mm. This figure from Phat Company will be coming your way in late September.

Where to Buy: AmiAmi, Amazon Japan, J-List.


That’s the Atelier Arland Trilogy Figure Digest for you. So many figure will be showing up on store shelves in the following months that it really makes you wonder, why weren’t these made two, three or five years ago back when these games were released in Japan?


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