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Those who regularly hop to the nearest coffee shop for a good cup of joe might be all too familiar with the work of the barista. The barista’s job is to skillfully operate the coffee machine and make great coffee. Some barista are more gifted than others and can nonchalantly use milk foam to draw latte art inside your cup. Yamamoto Kazuki is an expert in drawing anime latte art inside your coffee. Recently he found the time to draw almost the entire crew of Attack on Titan in coffee foam. On his blog Yamamoto humbly states that his current goal is “to make coffee in Tokyo” (he currently lives and works in Osaka). His job entails doing one thing and one thing alone – drawing things on coffee. But his talent has brought him some fame despite his humble expectations: he was featured on TV thanks to his unique 3D drawings (see below) and his Twitter account currently has more than ten thousand followers. Yamamoto regularly publishes his new creations on his Twitter account for all to see. Following the Attack on Titan craze he gradually drew most of the crew from the series. Can you guess who is who?

Christa Renz

Berthold Huber

Connie Springer

Eren Yaeger



Reiner Braun

Sasha Blouse

Armin Arlelt


Please dont drink me


Aside from Attack on Titan Yamamoto Kazuki also created some latte art for other anime, as well as a ton of Western-inspired cartoon art. However, as hinted before he is best know for his 3D latte drawings. Here are some of these drawings (the majority of which are not anime-related).



Salvador Dalí Clock




Nyanko Sensei


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