Why I won’t be reviewing ef – A Tale of Memories

This post is a shameless plug meant only to persuade you to buy ef – A Tale of Memories on Blu-ray. I strongly believe each and every one of you should buy this series. It was released in the U.S. by Sentai Filmworks yesterday and is worth every dollar spent on it. But I won’t be reviewing it here, nor will I be buying it myself. Why? Because of this:

This picture depicts the ef – A Tale of Memories Blu-ray Limited Box which was released in Japan on December 26, 2008. I preordered this box and is the proud owner of it since December 25, 2008. It is without a doubt the best way to own ef, as it comes with a commentary track for every episode in the series (essentially meaning you have 24 episodes in the series instead of only 12) as well as an art book , a sturdy wooden box and a copy of Chihiro’s book (!!!). What this wonderful limited edition doesn’t have is English subtitles. So while I’m satisfied to no end with the edition I’ve got I cannot review it for Anime Reviews. And that’s a problem, because ef – A Tale of Memories is one of my top five anime series of all times and would have, without a doubt, gotten a pure 10/10 score from me. It’s frustrating, but I’ll have to leave reviewing this masterpiece to other websites. What I can do is give those who’ll read the other reviews and be on the fence about this title a small push. If you find the premise of ef – A Tale of Memories to be interesting do not be afraid to pick it up. And than recommend it to your friends.

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