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The Interstella 5555 DVD Review is Now Available

The Interstella 5555 DVD review is now available in the reviews section and here.

I remember how I found out about Interstella and Daft Punk for the first time. I was watching MTV when “One More Time” aired. I liked the animation and the visual style, but didn’t think much of it because there were other similar music videos at the time (like the music video for “I’m blue” and all the music videos from the Gorillaz). It wasn’t until I saw the two following clips on MTV that I began to understand that these were not individual music videos but a compilation of some sort. A few years later when the Interstella 5555 DVD came out I grabbed a copy.

I always prefer to review Blu-ray copies of serie/movies if these are available but I’ve made an exception in this case. This is because the Interstella 5555 Blu-ray (which came out in late 2011) is known to have varios issues which prevent me from recommending it over the DVD. Even ANN, which are known to be lenient when it comes to indicating DVD or Blu-ray authoring issus, have claimed that the Blu-ray is terrible (well, to be exact it was Zac Bertschy who claimed this and everyone followed suit). So because other reviewers claim that the Blu-ray is bad and I had the DVD at hand, I chose not to review the Blu-ray (or buy it for that matter).

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