Nendroid Petit

Pettanko Honma Meiko Is Exceedingly Cute

Exceedingly cute and ready to provide you with a warm smile even on your worst day, this figure truly captures the essence of Menma (Honma Meiko). This upcoming Pettanko Honma Meiko figure comes from Penguin Parade and is 70mm tall (about the size of a Nendroid Petit?). How can such a small figure pack so much cuteness within it?!
Maybe Menma is cute no matter how you depict her? Even her papercut version is as cute as these things get:

Aside from Pettanko Honma Meiko Penguin Parade will also be releasing a Pettanko Naruko Anjo figure.

Contrary to pettanko Menma’s cuteness upgrade, making a pettanko version of Anjou seems to diminish her profound sexiness somewhat…

Pettanko Honma Meiko and Pettanko Anjou Naruko will both be released on July 25th and can be preordered now.

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