Aria The Animation DVD Review

An emotional and magical journey that will brighten even your darkest of days.

Aria The Animation DVD Review Aria The Animation DVD Review

Kokoro Connect TV & OVA Blu-ray Review

Kokoro Connect shows just how much our personal privacy is important by momentarily taking it away, resulting in one of the more thought-provoking and engaging stories in anime history.

Kokoro Connect TV & OVA Blu-ray Review Kokoro Connect TV & OVA Blu-ray Review

Fate/Stay Night Blu-ray Review

A rich and aspiring story held back by poor visuals and problematic direction choices, Fate/Stay Night is entertaining but far from the masterpiece it could have been.

Fate/Stay Night Blu-ray Review Fate/Stay Night Blu-ray Review

Five Unlicensed Anime You Shouldn’t Miss

hack the movie slider

Each year tens of anime series air on Japanese television. Most of the good ones (and some of the bad) get licensed in the U.S. and find their way into our homes. But what about the great anime of the aughts that for some reason or another never got licensed? Here are five unlicensed anime series you shouldn’t miss. Continue reading »

Anime Reviews Wants You!

Write with Anime Reviews

Anime Reviews is looking for passionate writers with an interest in Japanese popular culture. If you like any aspect of Japanese popular culture and always wanted your opinion to be read by thousands of netizens consider joining our humble team. Continue reading »

The Humoristic Summer 2013 Anime Season Preview

anime summer 2013 season preview

The summer 2013 anime season is upon us and what better way to introduce you to it than with a humoristic season preview! This preview is low on true facts but high on the fun factor. Better yet, it implicitly tells you what is the target audience for each series, helping you decide which series is right for you. Take it with a huge grain of salt, and a smile. Continue reading »

Yamamoto Kazuki – Attack on Titan Inside Your Coffee

Armin Arlelt Thumbnail

Those who regularly hop to the nearest coffee shop for a good cup of joe might be all too familiar with the work of the barista. The barista’s job is to skillfully operate the coffee machine and make great coffee. Some barista are more gifted than others and can nonchalantly use milk foam to draw latte art inside your cup. Yamamoto Kazuki is an expert in drawing anime latte art inside your coffee. Recently he found the time to draw almost the entire crew of Attack on Titan in coffee foam. Continue reading »

Hunter x Hunter: ANTicipating Greatness

hunter x hunter ant arc

After more than 10 years of anticipation the Chimera Ant arc – the longest and darkest arc in the Hunter x Hunter manga – is finally upon us. While the latest episodes still carry the inappropriate childishness that characterized this reboot from the get-go the Ant arc is slowly forcing this series to return to its true manga roots. Continue reading »

Attack On Titan – Making Action Anime Relevant Again

attack on titan

Shocking, disturbing, unique and mature. Attack on Titan isn’t only the best show to air this season, it’s also a return to that golden era when anime stood out for daring to infuse animation with gore. Continue reading »


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